Ethnicity or Conscience?

I get so many questions about this. None of my parents or grandparents were German (not that it should matter). Anyway, yes, I am Kaz Hubertz (it's a typo) but I am not Kazimierz Staufer. Staufer is not and never has been my Surname although my family has hosted a lineage of Cup Guards -not that I suspect we always care nor even know what that means in some cases.

More to the point is that my family has had a long history of facing bad governments. My Grandfather was an escapee from the Vorkuta death camp, and my first name comes from his Father who was shot at the Butovo death camp. His Father again (my Great Great Grandfather) was also a Prisoner of Conscience in Siberia. These days the opposing Parties seem content just to assassinate your character -at least I hope that's all!

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